What is the difference between engraved jewellery and hand stamped jewellery?

This is a question we get asked quite often by our customers. Hand stamping is achieved with the use of a hammer, stamping each letter, one letter at a time. It creates impressions in the metal and gives a hand made, rustic look, it isn’t always perfectly aligned. Hand stamping pushes the metal to create the impression. It requires a really good eye, the right pressure with the hammer, and takes a lot of practice to really get it right. Upper or lower case is available, we use a 1.5mm font size on all our pieces for hand stamping. Due to the fact that hand stamping uses a hammer on the gold and silver pieces, it does also result in some scratches and dents on the back of the jewellery. At Personalised Jewellery For Mum, we always sand and polish both sides of our personalised jewellery to ensure that it has a beautiful finish. Please be cautious, not many hand stamping jewellery producers go to these lengths. It does take extra time and effort, but we believe it is worth it.

Our engraved jewellery (precision stamping) uses technology which also results in a groove/impression in the metal. But rather than pushing the metal with force, it removes it. With the use of technology however, it results in a more symmetrical/aligned finish. It also enables us to fit a few more characters on each piece (we can change the font size) if required, and to offer various fonts and graphics.  We currently offer the following stamping options (see samples of each). Each of the fonts are of course available in both upper and lower case. Both hand stamping and our engraved jewellery can also have a natural finish, or we can darken it for you using an oxidisation process. Both give a great finish, it is a personal choice as to how you would like your piece finished.

We have also included below a few samples of different pieces with the various stamping fonts and finishes. Hopefully they will assist you in making the right choice for you.



ENGRAVED (precision round) – NATURAL              ENGRAVED (precision typewriter) – DARKENED   ENGRAVED (precision script) – NATURAL