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We have many years of experience in making personalised jewellery. We are two Melbourne Mum’s, designing and producing beautiful personalised jewellery. It is not made and sent from overseas, we are a true local business. Unlike many other hand stamped, personalised jewellery producers however, we do not consider imprint, dents and scratches on the back of hand stamped jewellery, as a feature. We polish all of our jewellery so the back is as beautiful and shiny as the front.

All of our personalised jewellery is made with sterling silver or 9 carat gold and gold-fill (see more details in FAQ). Our new Loving Memories cremation jewellery, also comes in stainless steel. We precision stamp or hand stamp all our name pendants, making each piece totally individual.  Please note that not all the letters, spaces or numbers will be totally straight with the hand stamped jewellery. This is part of the charm of our jewellery, and the hand crafted nature of your personalised jewellery purchase.

Express Service

We offer an express service for an additional $10. Any orders chosing this express option are made within 2 business days and then sent via registered EXPRESS post.

What makes us different?

There are 2 major differences between our personalised jewellery and some of the other personalised jewellery on the market. Firstly, we can stamp on both sides of many of our jewellery pieces with precision stamping because they are not flimsy and fine. Secondly, we polish both sides of our jewellery after stamping to give it a beautiful, quality finish. There are no large imprints, scratches and dents on the back of our jewellery pieces as a result of the stamping, unlike other personalised jewellery providers. We take great care to give a beautiful, quality keepsake. More information and details on the difference between our hand stamped and engraved jewellery, can be found here.

Stamping font options.

Our pieces can be engraved (precision stamping), or hand stamped. The font options include:

Hand stamping – uppercase
Hand stamping – lowercase
Precision Round
Precision Italics
Precision typewriter
Precision script

Each font can have a natural or a darkened finish.

More information on engraved jewellery versus hand stamped jewellery can be found here, as well as some samples of each for comparison.

Sizing guide